How to Get Back Links from Google

As you likely know, the best back links come from sites that are authority sites with a very high page rank.  How would you like to get unlimited links from the highest authority sites with page rank nine?

You can do that by getting back links from Google’s various sites.  Here are a few opportunities in this post.   Feel free to leave a comment below and share some other ideas with readers of this post of other Google services which offer you to create back links to your site.


Your Google plus profile – Page Rank 9

When you have a Google plus profile, you’re able to list all the blogs that you contribute to and get a back link to each blog.  Of course, you can list the home page of the blog or a particular post and you can also choose the anchor text.

Additionally, on your Google plus page you can post comments with hyperlinks to any site you like, another opportunity to back link to your own posts. When you type in the link, it automatically hyperlinks when you save your comment.  You can of course have as many comments as you like.  It likely will not help you have more than one link to the same external page from your Google Plus page.

Google Sites Page Rank 9

Your next opportunity is links from Google Sites.  You can look up and find out how to create a Google Site which I’ve already done in their video clip below. But you see I log into my Google site and am able to modify the content there and create a backlink.

Google Places Page Rank 9

If you have any business location, either where you work or your own business office or maybe a relative has an office, you can get a Google Places listing and back link.  In fact, in the video below I’ll show you how I did this using a PO Box because I don’t have a physical address for my Internet business but I do rent a PO Box and Google excepted that address and gave me a Google places listing on which I was able to create another PR9 back link.  The PO boxes at UPS stores do not have “PO BOX” in the address.  The addresses there appear as simply suite numbers.

Of course, nothing stops you from creating numerous Google Plus pages, numerous Google Sites pages and  numerous Google Places pages so you can keep creating back links.

Now, once you have created  these pages on Google’s various sites, you can send unlimited links to them using Backlinksindexer, a service we use and recommend for creating second tier back links (Disclosure: we are an affiliate and get compensated for referrals.  We do not recommend any service we do not ourselves use).  You don’t want to have all of your links from Google’s sites as this would look unnatural. Since the number of links you can create from Google is limited by this practicality, we recommend you use BacklinkMETRO to generate links form blogs ranked PR 1 through 5.